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We help business owners, their teams and individuals develop their leadership and resilience skills in an ever changing and demanding world, so that they are able to energetically contribute, succeed and make a difference for the better no matter the circumstance.


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About Us

Changing leadership to the way it should be

UC Change was established by Michele Rauff, who, through her HR experience from junior to director level, realised that despite people obtaining formal leadership qualifications, many were still struggling to connect with their team members to harness their full potential. Most people have been ‘raised’ through hierarchy and consider teamwork important within their disciplines, but not necessarily across different functional groups.  Both leaders and followers struggle to engage effectively in a true leadership context with the bigger picture in mind. Many leaders’ inabilities to apply a consistent, genuine and personal leadership style, leads to wasted emotional energy that could be more productively engaged for better results. All relationships and great achievements are built on a foundation of trust and acceptance of one another’s

differences and contributions. UC Change takes leaders or managers at similar levels and helps them to engage productively together even though they may lead different teams. It is only when, for example, Core Line Management, Marketing, HR, Finance and IT managers, work together as a team, that true productivity can be achieved in a company. When this happens, camaraderie rather than unpleasant internal competition occurs, and a healthy organisational climate is achieved, which improves functional teamwork and collective productivity.

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What Our Clients Say

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When you choose UC Change, you will begin to see real transformative change that brings effective results. Here are some of the  benefits you can expect:


Nothing academically complex, but behaviourally challenging.


Clean, open and conversational communication.


Bringing about effective change doesn't have to be boring.

Rule #6

Egos should be left at the door. We encourage everyone to be real.


Dependent on your ability to relax, take some risks and be courageous.


Finding your own leadership voice, which is authentic and effective.

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