Resilience Programme

Resilience Programme

R3000 pp

About this course

Ever heard people say, ‘Has the world  gone crazy?’ Well YOU don’t have to. In an ever changing and fast paced world, the ability to deal with the unknown and to be able to adapt to new situations comfortably has become a critical skill. Learn to take things in your stride so that your confidence and happiness does not get derailed by life’s changes and challenges.


How long is the programme?

It is a one day programme. It can also be done over two mornings as specified.

How is the Programme different to Emotional Intelligence Courses?

It hones in on insights, knowledge and skills that will help you to deal with the unknown and challenging situations in an empowered way.

What will I gain on the programme

You will not only gain many useful techniques and perspectives to help you handle unpleasant ordeals; you will also gain many insights and techniques to improve your ability to succeed and to be happy.

Who should attend?

People who want to do better at handling:

  • Setbacks
  • Work pressures
  • High workloads
  • Toxic bosses and/or employees
  • Personal challenges
  • Change
  • Life in general


Learn some great insights and techniques to deal with troubling thoughts and emotions. The workbook together with the class work will help you re-discover your inner resourcefulness and help you to improve your outlook on trying situations and life in general.